We had to respond quickly to COVID. We had 130 students coming to the center before the pandemic. We quickly transitioned to on-line tutoring and workshops, supplying to families and students’ devices, establishing internet service for families and paying for increased gigabyte data plans. We needed to help because many were without this ability. We are now serving over 120 students this semester on-line, with more than 20 tutors who teach multiple sessions in small groups. We were also able to graduate 4 students from our English program which is aligned to the Cambridge English Curriculum.

We continue to help students and know that also means helping their families when we can. The pandemic had a severe economic impact on our students and their families.

We have developed an agreement with a local clinic for services and that helped a lot.  We also have participated in distributing food to the families most in need.

Parents and students are overwhelming happy with the progress students make in all aspects of their life, proving that we help students transform their lives.