Donation Payment Options Instructions Below

Contributions via the Friends of the Oaxaca Learning Center (FOLC)*  

With your donations, the Oaxaca Learning Center students develop:

  1. Improved academic performance
  2. Enhanced self-esteem and confidence
  3. Essential life-skills to navigate their futures successfully
  4. Empowerment to effect positive change in their families and communities
  5. English language skills and cross-cultural connections​

How Your Donations Help

  • $50 covers the cost of psychological counseling for one student during a six-month period
  • $100 covers the cost all educational and social services for one student for six months
  • $480 provides a tutor’s salary for a quarter. This allows the tutor, who was formerly a TOLC student, to continue his/her education, while “giving back” by training other Center participants
  • $1500 funds an administrator leader/coordinator for a quarter
Donations of all sizes are appreciated

Donation Payment Options Instructions Below

*FOLC is the US-based 501(c)(3)  [EIN: 274937593].

We appreciate your contribution by any method and for any amount, but a word about fees incident to using PayPal is noted below. Please take a look to be fully informed.Our preferred method of donation is by check (instructions below).  

We also accept PayPal and credit card donations (both of which are processed through the PayPal link below).

However, PayPal takes a fee that reduces what we receive by 2.2% + 30 cents per transaction.  This is true whether you use a credit card or not. So when donating through PayPal if you increase the gift value by $2 for every $100 of intended donation, we will receive almost all of the amount you wanted to give us. This is totally up to you and please know that we really appreciate your help no matter what you decide to do.

Note if using a credit card: If you donate with a credit card, your credit card will be charged an additional fee for its use by PayPal (somewhere around 2.9% normally, but it may vary by card). There will be no further reduction to us, but you will be charged this extra amount on your credit card. It is important to us that you are fully informed about this, as there has been confusion in the past.


  • Checks:
    • Make check out to: FOLC
    • Send to: FOLC
    • c/o Maura Skelly
    • 1984 Andromeda Lane
    • Weston, FL 33327
  • PayPal and credit cards: Pay via PayPal HERE
  • Join us!: we’d love to have you visit the Oaxaca Learning Center when you’re in Oaxaca City. Our main facility is located at Murguia 703. Documentation can be provided to assure that these donations receive tax-deductible status.  See our Contact Us page for a map showing the Center.