Your donations drive our mission forward 

The Oaxaca Learning Center is able to provide its services to the youth of Oaxaca thanks to the support of generous people, religious groups, businesses, charitable organizations and others from around the world.  To facilitate international donations, the Center has established three supporting structures to allow donors to give in the way that maximizes the value of the donation to both the center and the donor with an eye to safety, legality, and the donor’s tax-deductible status.

  • ​Canadian donors should use CANFRO to make donations.
  • Mexican donors should use IIAC to make donations.
  • Donors from the United States of America and all other nations should use FOLC.

Please see below for information about FOLC, CANFRO, and IIAC as appropriate for your location and/or tax residency.

If you would like to drop off the check or cash please call us to arrange a time so an official receipt can be provided.